Lovely and lissome long-haired brunette Marketa Stroblova (aka Caprice, Little Caprice) was born in the Czech Republic. Marketa grew up in Central Europe and originally studied to become a nutritional specialist. Following graduation from school, Stroblova went on to work in the food and beverage/hospitality industry, but eventually quit because the pay was too low. Marketa was introduced to the adult entertainment industry by a friend who gave her a sex tape. She has appeared primarily in explicit hardcore fare for the top company Video Art Holland. Stroblova was admitted to a hospital for renal failure due to deterioration in her kidneys in 2011. Moreover, Marketa has a twin sister named Lucie (IMDb).

Oct 202019
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Oct 132019
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Sep 202019

Caprice (aka Caprice A, Little Caprice) & Angelica (aka Katherine A) in soeurs d’estrees by modelsfrance />

inspired by Gabrielle d’Estrées and One of Her Sisters, French painting at Louvre museum. Gabrielle d’Estrées was the mistress of King Henri IV of France.

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May 092019
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Sep 082018
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Aug 072017

Tania (aka Lizzie Merova, Michaela Fictnerova, Michelle, Tania G) & Caprice (aka Caprice A, Little Caprice) in Seductive Masseuse />
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Jul 312017

Leila (aka Leila Smith), Mya (aka Marie E, Marie Veckova, Marushka Veckova, Mia Me) & Caprice (aka Caprice A, Little Caprice) in Garden Threeway

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